There are no persons who are uninterested in horseback riding. Thousands of people adored these lovely creatures. Throughout human history, horses have always been admired and appreciated. As a result, they make excellent photographic subjects. At first glance, equine photography appears to be comparable to pet photography; however, this is not the case. Horse photography necessitates a unique approach and set of methods.

  • Golden Hour + Low Angle

Don’t limit yourself to a single location. Change your position in tandem with the horse, tailoring it to the animal’s needs. For warm light and delicate shadows, photograph during the Golden Hours. Shooters usually strive to take a low-angle shot since it is the most advantageous position. To put it another way, get down on your knees and start working.

  • Always remember to edit your photos

To boost contrast, saturation, hues, and exposure, we favor Lr and Ps. We normally use Photoshop to get rid of halters and ropes. However, removing horse equipment from the photo will make it look strange. Similarly, if you remove reins or a saddle from a photo with a rider, it will appear bizarre and unrealistic.

  • Keep a close eye on the shooting location

Horses aren’t the same as for dogs. It’s impossible to make it stay on the green grass and then gracefully go down the valley later. Unfortunately, if you call its name, it will not respond. As a result, we don’t advocate choosing an unending field or a site like this because you’ll have to run all the time and risk missing the best photo opportunities. So, what are your options? You may simply use a fence to partition a large pasture and capture the horse there. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link Phoenix AZ Family Photographer.

  • Take Note of the Horse’s Appearance

Horse photography needs a significant amount of planning and preparation. To begin, you need to be familiar with the breed you intend to photograph as well as the basic riding methods. Surf the web and get as much information as you can. Look through the horse breed encyclopedia if necessary. You can also connect with the owner and learn about the basic characteristics of the breed. The next stage is to get the horse ready for the photoshoot. The model should be well-groomed and clean.

  • Take Your Shot at the Right Time to Capture the Best Moments

It’s difficult to capture the horse in the air jumping over the obstacle if you don’t have any prior experience. You will, however, be able to achieve it after a few horsebacks riding photography sessions. If you’re a complete beginner, set your camera to Sports Mode and turn on continuous shooting. It’s also a good idea to invest in a memory card that can quickly record and process your images.