Engagement and thereafter wedding is a lifelong bond. Everyone wants to keep a mark or sign of that happy moment created. What better than a wedding or engagement ring to mark this occasion of the matching of two souls. There are a thousand types of engagement rings found in the market made out of various metals, the centerpiece gem being of different types and quality. Since it is a sign forever, it is very important to choose and buy the right thing. Listed below are some tips that are necessary to be kept in mind while choosing the right engagement ring.


Choose and Decide the Centerpiece Stone

Nearly every engagement ring has a centerpiece stone or gem apart from pure platinum bands. The choice solely depends on the customer’s discretion. It is very important to decide the centerpiece stone beforehand to avoid confusion and get it checked by gemstone experts. They vary in price too and may be selected based on finger size and shape.


Choose the Ring Metal

Again the metal that is to be used for the outer ring portion should also be decided and chosen beforehand. The ring metal comes in various types starting from silver to platinum. The setting should also be researched and decided before buying your dream custom ring.


Choose the Detailing

Maybe you would want some diamonds set on your platinum band, or you would want some side gemstones with the centerpiece. All these need to be decided and confirmed to the designated person who would carve your dream engagement ring. Everything from gemstones to script engraving can be done on a ring depending on your needs.


Keep the Payment Ready

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Figure out the payment procedure as nowadays many ring stores offer different modes of payment as well as different installment policies. Know the return value of the ring before purchasing it, to ensure you get the best price when you want to return or exchange the engagement ring.


Consider Ring Insurance

If life can be insured, then why not your engagement ring. There are numerous policies about insuring your ring. Take note of them to insure your engagement ring and protect it from mishaps. 

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