Wedding bands represent your dedication to your spouse. This piece of jewelry has been used to symbolize commitment for generations, going back to the Middle Ages, when the man will gift his bride and her family with a costly ring to demonstrate his dedication to their marriage and that he’d never break this connection.

The ring represents that you’re in a committed relationship and wearing it at all times shows that you’re open about it and willing to show it off. Seeing that you have the ring on your finger every day also reminds your spouse of their importance to you and that you choose to spend your whole life with them above others.

Putting in a wedding band could also be seen as a symbol of devotion, affection, and love. Marriage is the result of love, putting on your wedding ring indicates that you’re committed to your significant other and that they have high meaning/value in your life.

Moreover, your ring may practically work as a memory, reminding you of all the happy times you’ve enjoyed with your partner in the past, particularly when you are missing them the most. Together with representing holy matrimony, your ring also holds cherished memories that the two of you have had over your time with each other.

The wedding band, or wedding ring, could also serve as a reminder for you to consider the life choices you make with your spouse in mind. The wedding ring on your finger has an extra duty, and that obligation is to give respect to your partner. You must recognize that you’re not single anymore and that your actions might have an impact not just on you but also on your better half.

Keeping your spouse in mind would help to guarantee the stability of your marriage and would be a great way of recognizing your partner’s value in your life.

How to Put on a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are usually worn on your ring finger, which is the fourth one on your left hand. That’s a ritual that is nearly as old as wedding rings. The ancient Egyptians thought that this finger has a unique vein that led straight to our hearts. It was known as the vena amoris, meaning “love vein.”

Most couples opt to put on their wedding rings for the rest of their lives symbolizing their undying love and devotion. Many people never remove their rings. Other people, especially those working in jobs where putting on a ring may be hazardous (mechanics, electricians, police officers), might prefer to wear the ring on a chain around the neck.

How to Take Care of a Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are sometimes passed down through families as beloved mementos. The ring may convey not only your story but also the stories of your kids and their families. Keeping that in mind, it is essential to provide your wedding band with the right care it requires to withstand the test of time.

If there are diamonds or gems on the wedding bands,  the diamonds or gems could be kept sparkling for many years with regular careful cleaning with a dry, light microfiber cloth. Most rings may be cleaned using warm water and a little dish soap on a regular basis. (eClarity offers a lifetime jewelry spa for all wedding rings purchased from them) Avoid exposing wedding bands to strong chemicals, which could cause damage to the ring coatings.

Whether the ring is made of silver, gold, wood, or any of a variety of other conventional and non-traditional materials, it will eventually develop dings and dents. If this is the case, you may always bring it to a jeweler or call the company to have it professionally buffed and polished.