One way to please your wife is to touch her intimately. You can gently stroke her neck and use your hands to playfully leak around her ear. You can also tickle her breasts. Her breasts are a magnet to men, and you’ll be surprised at how much she will jump when you touch them. Don’t try to bite her earlobes or ear canal, though.

Using sexy vocabulary

One way to impress your wife is to use sexy vocabulary. A study in Cosmo magazine found that 18 percent of students disliked the word moist. The word was especially unpopular among well-educated females. Women also dislike the term’squirt’, which has a pornographic connotation.

Using your hands

When it comes to pleasing your wife, you can try using your hands. If you know how to use them correctly, it can lead to a more pleasurable and satisfying experience. Hands can also help to stimulate additional erogenous zones. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Try exploring your wife’s body with your hands. She will enjoy the sensation. Gently explore her body’s various parts. For example, try using your fingertips to moisten her mouth. This technique is very sexy, and will surely make her orgasm. Just remember to be gentle, though: don’t smother her with force. Make her feel at ease as she explores her body and mind.

Always make sure that your hands are clean before touching your wife’s body. You may want to take a shower first, or disinfect them with hand sanitizer. It’s also best not to touch her naked body until you’ve finished washing. After washing, allow her to cool down for a couple of minutes before you start your physical contact.

A man’s hands on a woman’s small back are also a sensual touch. Women like when their man runs his fingers through their hair. This shows that he appreciates her hair, and it’s a great way to make her feel good. Try these out either before or during sex.

Another method to please a woman’s body is to touch her face. This can be done anytime, and it can increase the pleasure level. Be careful though, since women’s faces are delicate. If you do it wrong, you could hurt her.

Using chivalry

If you want to please your wife, use the rules of chivalry. Ladies crave the kind of bearing that knights of old had. They want to be treated with respect, love, and care. But chivalry is not just about opening the door or pulling the chair back. Women are more interested in men who are willing to serve them in a meaningful way.

The first rule is to treat your woman like a lady. You can do this by holding her hand, helping her cross the street, and listening to her wishes. She will love the fact that you are considerate of her and look out for her needs. This will help her feel secure and reassured that you are her man.

Another important rule is to be respectful to her. A woman should treat her husband with courtesy, and men should reciprocate. A man should never be insulted by a woman who holds a door for him. It is the norm for men to be considerate of women, and women should thank men who show chivalry.

While chivalry is no longer an art that will please women, it is still a good way to show your woman that you appreciate her. Without it, you’re risking losing her to a man who doesn’t appreciate her. Even if you’re not a knight, chivalry can still make falling in love a magical experience. And it doesn’t require a lot of money or time, and it’s a great way to impress your wife and win her heart.

Asking her to get naked

There are plenty of ways to encourage your wife to get naked before bed. For instance, you can arrange to watch the kids for her while she exercises or go shopping for new clothes. You could even schedule a day at the spa for her. Whatever you do, you should give her time to prepare for the nudity.

Before you ask your wife to get naked to please her, think about what context you’re presenting your request. Nudity requests shouldn’t be made randomly or ill-timed. Instead, you should try to figure out when your wife is more receptive to physical contact. If you ask her to get naked during an unscheduled moment, you might be viewed as rude.

Men and women have very different sexual needs and moods. A man’s desire is usually very clear, while a woman’s mood can be more subtle. As a result, men can’t know exactly what their wives want and will find it difficult to get them naked. A few years ago, it was much easier to get your wife into bed, but now it’s more of a routine.

First, men and women have different perspectives on modesty. Women view themselves from the inside out, so they often feel uncomfortable on display. They do not like to be objectified, but men enjoy the sight of naked women. Therefore, men may be more willing to discuss this issue.

Using a comfortable position

One of the best ways to please your wife is by using a comfortable position. Using pillows while leaning against her headboard allows you to have good access to her breasts. This way, you can give your full attention to the intimacy. You can also use internal or external sex toys to maximize the pleasure.

The spooning position is a classic one that involves both partners lying on their backs. The woman can be facing the man, with her legs crossed on the bed. A man can place his legs over her hips and drape his arms over hers. This position also allows her to have better penetration, which is important if you’re trying to conceive. This position is also great for tired couples.

Another great way to please your wife is to use a missionary position. The goal of this position is to make her feel vulnerable and secure while you crouch down to make her drool. In this position, you will be able to reach more parts of her body than in any other position. This position is safer than thrusting and gives her the control over the angle, speed, and motion.

Using a comfortable position to please your woman can make you feel even closer to her than ever before. When it comes to sexual intercourse, a woman’s behind is an incredible source of satisfaction and enjoyment. A man can test the extent of her flexibility and her A-spot by using this position.