Italy is a lovely destination for weddings, so if you are planning to tie the knot in Puglia then book suppliers early. Wedding arrangements take more than 8 to 10 months and you don’t desire to risk not hiring the right photographer, wedding venue, or caterer for your wedding day. So, start early!

  • What booking to make depends on your preference or what you prioritize?
  • Do you plan to celebrate the marriage ceremony in a specific church?
  • What kind of flowers and decoration layout do you desire?
  • Do you want a beachfront wedding or a palace?
  • Do you need guest accommodation?

It is sensible to hire the best wedding planner Princess Apulia. The team is omitted in offering their clients and guests the best customer service. Attention is paid to every tiny detail. Handling wedding features is frustrating and the concerns even pursue during the marriage ceremony that something will ruin the event. With a wedding planner on your side, you can stay assured that not just the location, florists, cake, etc. along with legal needs to get wedded in Italy will be handled smoothly.

Why Puglia’s wedding?

  • The community in Puglia adores weddings, so every vendor treats the wedding day as sacred. In wedding themes, Puglia culture is excellent!
  • The light in Puglia has a natural intense glow, which is reflected around. The light soothes the soul and warms the body.

How to organize a wedding in Puglia?

Be realistic

A small and intimate ceremony can be more enjoyable and romantic than a massive one. It allows couples to keep guests entertained. If your budget is tight then limit guest numbers to a maximum of 40. Be pragmatic about inviting family and friends. Leave sending invitations to people who are not so close.


  • Restaurants specializing in wedding receptions offer couples organized and ideal services.
  • Indoor wedding planner service is also offered at many restaurants and they help to organize the best day in your life.
  • For the highest customization level, choose different accommodations like a farmhouse, beach restaurants, cottages, private villas, etc. Even if they don’t handle weddings exclusively, they are habituated to this type of request.
  • Some restaurants even have a suitable indoor kitchen, where couples can choose to hire an external caterer.
  • While venue booking ensures the food is interesting just like the venue. Everyone expects an enjoyable and tasty breakfast. It doesn’t need to be majestic but simple and tastefully prepared using locally sourced ingredients.
  • You also need to consider the venue decoration and seating arrangements.

The list goes on and on. Therefore it is practical to hire a wedding planner. They save you valuable time and effort ranging from choosing a wedding venue to organizing vendors. The professional wedding planner has a vast network of vendors and knows whom to approach for fulfilling your needs.

The wedding planner even makes sure that your budget is used in a better way. If you DIY, this is achievable but takes time to find a potential vendor, who may not be suitable and can cause overspending.

Wedding planners can handle glitches on the wedding day in a stride!