Weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event. Wanting the best for one of the happiest days for both you and your partner is alright. Hiring a wedding coordinator in Singapore can help in making sure that everything goes smoothly and without error. Read about these four questions that you should consider asking before hiring a coordinator.

1) Are you available on my wedding day?

It is crucial to know if the wedding coordinator is available on the day itself, especially if you want them to do same day wedding coordination. This is one of the first questions you ask to prevent anyone from wasting their time, be it you or the coordinator. If you like the person but they are not available on the day itself, you can consider moving your wedding date.

2) Can you work within our budget?

Talking about your budget with the coordinator can be difficult. However, this is one of the essential steps before anything gets done. If it isn’t enough, they can also provide you with wedding planning or coordinating services that fit your budget.

3) How many weddings have you planned?

This question shows if the wedding coordinator you’re talking about in Singapore has the experience to carry your wishes for your ideal wedding. If they start giving you their experiences with other events, like birthdays or anniversaries, ask about wedding-specific ones. If they have worked under a different planner for a wedding, talk about that as well.

4) What are some of your ideas based on how we want it to go?

It might save you some time if you start hearing from the wedding coordinator in Singapore about their plans or suggestions based on how you want it to go. It’s okay if they don’t give too many details. However, think about what they say and see if it aligns with your vision. If you want an outdoor wedding but they suggest an indoor venue, that might be an omen of bad things to happen.

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