Now and ever, many are choosing to do their wedding ceremony outside of the church grounds. This is an exciting time as more and more beach weddings and garden weddings happen each year. Not only are these appealing to your guest to have a vacation and a good celebration in one, but it helps with the economy of travel and destination wedding photography.

Every time I do a destination wedding I get a ton of questions about pricing. Most people tend to think that my clients are paying me for my photography services in addition to paying me for

my travel expenses. And when I tell people no, that’s not true. Most of my clients don’t pay me anything. They and most people don’t believe it, most people think there’s a catch, most people think there’s some kind of gimmick, some kind of sales thing that is going on.

Maybe they think that I take photos and then if they want the files from their wedding that I charge them fifty dollars for each photo.

That’s not the case and I would strongly suggest against booking anybody that does that because that annoys the crud out of me. I’ve been a photographer for the last 11 years I’ve been a travel agent for the last four years. I combine the two businesses and as a gift for my clients.

When they book the group’s travel with me as long as they hit the guess minimums for each resort, that’s going to vary based on each resort what they do as long as they hit the guess minimums I will give to them my photography a hundred percent for free. That will include my travel expenses, which include my photography for a rehearsal day, and an all-day wedding. The optional day after the shoot if they want to do it it’s really a great deal so a lot of travel agents will gift some kind of promotional product like luggage tags, welcome bags full of all kinds of promotional products with their logo plastered all over them.

You’re really lucky you might get a candlelight dinner on the beach or something as a thank you

gift for booking them. Making them thousands of dollars for your stay with your wonderful celebration. However, my clients generally get a gift for booking their travel with me usually

valued in between three thousand five thousand dollars so it’s really a fantastic option. This in turn will get you a free network for their friends and families and will surely leave a lasting impression for the guest at the wonderful job their travel agency and wedding photography service was.  Visit Best Travel Agency Philippines    

Some final location tips on choosing the travel destination for your wedding.

I’ll try to look for locations that are optimal and I almost always encourage them to do some photoshoots outside of the wedding day because we’re going somewhere nice in our destination. So that means you know we’re not out to just one day of the wedding you know we have several days where we can use that. If the weather is bad we can spend another

a day doing the photoshoot  there’s a lot of options that we can work with but I think the main thing is that you got to do your homework and