There are hundreds of details you can focus on when you’re planning your wedding. One of the best ways to remember them all for years to come is to pick a unique wedding day perfume.

The part of our brain that stores memories is located near where we process smells. This is why unique smells can trigger memories. By wearing a special scent on your wedding day, that perfume will help you relive the magic again and again. But how do you pick the right scent?

Think About Your Favorite Scents

Your wedding day perfume should trigger happy memories from your special day. But just because you’re wearing it on a romantic occasion doesn’t mean you have to stick to classically romantic scents. 

Breezy florals and sensuous musks aren’t required–unless you want them! Your wedding scent should be something you like. After all, you’re the one who’ll be wearing it all day! 

For brides who naturally gravitate towards crisp citruses or tropical cocktails, explore perfumes with those notes. Sticking with a scent profile you already love will help guide you towards a scent you’ll be fond of for the rest of your life.

If you wear perfume regularly, consider picking a special scent from the brand you normally wear. For example, if your daily signature scent is from the J.P.G collection, you can start your search by sampling other scents in the collection.

Sticking to a brand you know will help make sure the perfume won’t trigger any allergies. Plus, if you’re already wearing it every day, there must be a reason you love it!

Think About Your Wedding Style

The style of your wedding can help direct you towards the types of fragrances to try. The venue you choose and the flowers in your bouquet could influence what scent profile will work best.

For example, if you have a bouquet with extremely fragrant florals, you don’t want your wedding perfume to compete with those fragrances. Rather, you should pick a complimentary floral or a lighter scent that won’t be jarring. 

There are almost as many wedding styles as perfume styles, so finding a match shouldn’t be too hard. Think about why you chose your wedding theme–when your theme and your fragrance are both true to who you and your soon-to-be-spouse are, they’re sure to coordinate. 

Try Scents on Your Skin

Just like you wouldn’t choose your wedding day makeup without seeing it on your face, you shouldn’t settle on your wedding day perfume without wearing it on your skin.

Blotter papers or a spritz in the air won’t smell the same as how the scent reacts to your skin. As your body heat warms it, the perfume will develop.

Wear each scent you’re considering for at least half an hour to get the full effect. Limit yourself to one or two trials per day so the scents don’t blend. 

Once you know what each scent smells like throughout the day, you’ll know which one to grab when you’re getting ready on your wedding day!

Commit to Your Wedding Day Perfume

Choosing a wedding day perfume should be easier than choosing your life partner. Committing to one scent might be a little harder! Whatever you choose, make sure to grab a bottle to take out on special occasions throughout your marriage. 

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