In this most fashionable era, lab diamonds are always the object of enchantment among diamond lovers. When a person gets on to purchase a wedding ring or engagement ring, they always prefer lab-grown diamonds. Those who are still unaware of lab diamonds must go through this article.

What are Lab Grown Diamonds? 

A lot of common mass is still unfamiliar with what are lab diamondsLab-grown diamonds are entirely different from natural diamonds as the lab diamonds are cultivated with the assistance of human hands. That’s why, the alternative names of lab-grown diamonds are – man-made diamonds, lab-created diamonds, etc. These sorts of diamonds are prepared in the steady atmosphere of a laboratory with the aid of progressive technology. The original carbon atoms exist in these diamonds. As the these diamonds are generated with similar elements to natural diamonds, therefore, the chemical properties and optical are indistinguishable.

How Are the Lab Diamonds Created?

The lab diamonds are formulated from a little carbon seed which is found in the pre-existing diamonds. Two different processes can be used. One is severe heat and pressure and another is CVD. CVD is a unique disposition method. Though some of these diamonds are formulated through CVD, they may be again brought to the drastic heat and pressure. Very much like in nature, man-made extravagant diamonds are made when the specific minor components are available during the developing period of the formulated jewel. The actual composition of minor components in man-made jewels, both white and colorful shaded, may change from that of natural diamonds. Just contemporary instruments that can get on minute varieties in diamonds, can perceive the disparities between the natural diamonds and lab diamonds. 

Why Opt for Lab-Grown Diamond? 

Lab-grown diamonds are 100% original. They are mostly cost-effective and are more impressive. Now you’re going to tell about why the lab diamonds are opting for you.

  • Less Expensive: In the lab diamonds, you can get plenty of varieties within a reasonable budget. Here you can receive the best quality diamonds. By raising the clarity, carat and size, you can get a perfect engagement ring for your beloved. However, it’s nearly 40% less in price compared to natural diamonds. Though the price is cheaper than the natural one, the features are equal to the earth-grown diamonds. Therefore if you are on a budget, these are certainly a great option for you.

  • Reliable Choice: As these diamonds are formulated in the controlled environment of a laboratory, no evidence of risk exists. Still, now, it’s proven as the ethical choice for all because of its short supply chain and free from conflict.

  • Real Diamonds: There is a common question- are lab diamonds real? The composition and the properties of used chemicals in these diamonds are as same as the natural earth-grown ones In that sense, the lab-diamonds are certainly called a real diamond.

  • Same Look: The look of the lab diamonds are exactly similar to the natural diamonds. A single eye can not have the strength to detect the differences between the lab diamonds and natural diamonds. Only the special technology based equipment can detect the disparity. Round, oval, and many traditional shapes are accessible to this kind of diamonds.

  • Unique & Stylish: These diamonds are more fashionable. You can customize your special rings with this kind of diamonds. The different colours are also available in this diamond. 

Though a bunch of advantages are handy, to choose a lab diamond ring is entirely your choice. The lab-grown diamonds are also available in the online stores.

Some lesser known facts

When we compare the lab diamonds with natural diamonds we find some issues with them. Here are some lesser known facts:

  • The lab diamonds are manufactured products. Not many companies produce these. That is why natural diamonds are much more popular than lab diamonds.
  • The lab diamonds are newly launched products in the market. So they are not yet popular among the masses. 


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