Did you know that wearing a watch is associated with conscientiousness? According to a recent study, watch-wearers tended to be more conscientious and emotionally stable. And scientific findings aside, a watch is a practical accessory that never goes out of style.

Have you been thinking about getting a watch? Whether you aspire to certain personality traits or are tired of always looking at your smartphone, now is the perfect time to invest in one. Having the right watch can really complete any outfit, and this comprehensive guide will teach you how to wear a watch the correct way.

Types of Watches

Welcome to the wide world of watches! From digital to analog, from a wristwatch to a pocket watch, there are so many ways to express yourself through a stylish timepiece. You can find sporty watches for diving, luxury watches that can elevate an outfit, and smartwatches that have multiple functions that go beyond time-telling and can make your life easier.

Find Your Fit

The next important thing to consider is the fit of your watch. When styling a watch, decide in advance if you want a classic look where the watch fits snuggly around your wrist or a loose fit like a bracelet. This will help you choose which works best for you and is the most comfortable to wear in your everyday life.

Pick the Right Material

Once you’ve got your desired fit, it’s time to move on to materials. Do you prefer a traditional leather strap, metal, or plastic? Think about how each will feel on your skin every day, and decide what feels best.

Consider Use

The next point to consider is where you will be using it. If it’s for work, then you may want to skip the trendy plastic versions and go for one that is more classic and versatile to go with your work outfits. If you just want an everyday watch then you can go for something more casual and fun, and try out a popular style.

How To Wear a Watch

Many people wonder how to be stylish and wear a watch at the same time. Think of it as another piece of jewelry, and let it be a statement on your wrist. There’s such a wide variety out there there, so check out these women’s luxury watches for more examples.

Wear a Watch With Confidence

Now that you’ve learned how to wear a watch, you can rock yours with confidence. Before purchasing your new watch, think about where you will be wearing it. Find a neutral and versatile one for work situations, and have fun experimenting with trendy styles for an everyday casual watch. Pick a color that compliments your skin tone and that is made of a material that feels good on your wrist for long periods of time.

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