The work of capturing an entire wedding in a video is in great demand because of the beauty of cherishing the special day for a lifetime. The wedding videographers offer you many kinds of package when it comes to capturing the wedding moments. You can find one that works the best for you. 

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What to Include? 

Here are some things that should be included in your wedding photography. 

  • The Ceremony 

Look for the wedding video coverage package that includes the coverage of the entire ceremony. The video should include from the time you walk down the aisle till you leave for your honeymoon. House wedding video coverage should also include the complete coverage as well. 

  • The Highlight Reel 

When you watch the wedding video for the first time, your family members and the other dear ones will surely wish to join you for the first few times. They will not sit through the whole video the next time. Hence, add the highlight video of a few minutes that cover all the important events of your wedding, before the actual wedding video starts. 

  • The Reception Video 

You cannot witness every smile and tear that happened on your wedding day. The videographer will become your eyes that day and cover everything that you should not miss in the video. You can enjoy your time in the cocktail hour and the videographer will take care of capturing everything else that is happening around you in the venue. 

  • Second Videographer 

One videographer cannot be everywhere and capture every special moment of your wedding day. In order to reduce some of the burdens from the shoulders of your videographer, you can hire another one. As they say, two is better than one. 

What Not to Include 

Here are some of the things that you should not include in your wedding video. 

  • A Photomontage 

Do not put the photomontage at the beginning of the wedding video because the video will become dragging for your dear ones. If you wish that your dear ones stick for more than 20 minutes while watching the wedding video, then cancel the addition of photomontage in your wedding video. You can add it to the rehearsal dinner video. 

  • Interview of the Guests 

You will find hundreds of guests coming to visit you before the wedding ceremony and even after the wedding ceremony and congratulating you. Try to remove the guest interviews from the video, or you can keep the interviews of only the closed ones. 

  • Raw Footage 

Raw footage means the unedited and untouched video of your entire wedding event. It will include everything including how your father’s voice cracked while giving a toast when someone blew their nose or even sneezed during some special occasion and so on. Try to not include this in your wedding videography package. 

Wedding day is an important event in people’s lives. Make the memory of this special day a more special one by making the perfect video of the day.