It may seem like a destination wedding is a costly and extravagant affair in Italy. But if you have collected information about getting married in locations like New York, Boston, or London, you will find Italy is a cost-effective place. It has unique locations with mesmerizing scenery and incredible natural beauty. Here are a few factors that can have an impact on the cost of organizing a wedding in Italy.

  • Number of guests

With the increase in the number of people, the cost of your wedding goes up automatically. While the locals in the wedding can call up to 120 to 180 guests, others can call around 70 to 100. The lesser guests you have, the more manageable it becomes and brings the price down to a great extent.

  • The price of the food

Food is a vital aspect when it comes to weddings and the cost you want to spend. More people and more dishes mean the cost goes up and to have a basic idea, take a look at catering prezzi Matrimonio. The professionals can include some exclusive dishes for your guests by charging a minimal price. In this way, you can still have your dream wedding in Italy.

  • Picking the right place

Everywhere, you will come across a few less and a few more expensive areas. The Lake Como, Rome, Amalfi Coast, and Venice are expensive places, while venues like Umbria or Tuscany cost you less. But it does not mean that the places are not worthy enough for your wedding. Here also you will have a beautiful and enchanting view and all other things at a reasonable price.

  • Entertainment and music

Some might go for a pre-recorded music and DJ, while others can go for live music and cocktail hour. So, the price varies accordingly, but rigorous research can be a perfect combination of price and quality.

  • The reception and venue

Generally, the price of reception and venue comprises around 45% to 50% of the total amounts. Understanding these amounts will help in reducing your budget and still have a dream wedding. On average, the price of venue rentals can be around €5K to €10K and the reception dinner from €100 to €400 per person depending on a particular region. It also varies based on the drinks and your menu.

Final thoughts

Wedding is the most important thing in everyone’s life, and Italy is the perfect place for that. By keeping the factors in mind, you can have a destination wedding at a minimum price.