Taking children photographs can prove to be quite an arduous task. Apart from getting them to stay in a perfect position for the photoshoot, getting the right gear, angle, camera settings, and lighting need a level of skills. In this article, we will give tips to consider to get a good child photograph.

Camera Settings

The critical thing when taking portrait photos is to focus on the eyes. This is where the camera must be pointed to focus on the subject. When the eyes are in focus, we are already halfway there. You know, children never stand still and often make sudden movements. If we are photographing them while playing or running, we use very short shutter speeds (at least 1/250 of a second) and a large aperture. In this way, we will be sure of not having blurry photos, and at the same time, we will have a blurred background that will bring out the portrait. When we have taken some practice, we can also try to use slightly longer times, like 1/60 of a second or less, to create a movement effect. But we always pay attention to the eyes.

Other Minor Precautions

Kneeling and getting to “their level” often helps to make interesting shots. In general, in these situations, it is useful to overexpose the photo slightly. This will help us to enhance the smooth skin typical of children. Remember that the red colour in photography does very well, so an accessory of this colour could be useful. During the photo session, often look at the children and, before shooting, check that they have a clean face, especially the nose and mouth. For girls with long hair, the ideal would be to put peg or tweezers to stop the hair from falling over her eyes. Do not forget the importance of a photo editor too. You can learn more about them here, https://skylum.com/blog/how-to-use-macs-built-in-image-editor.