Even a well-planned event might go wrong, if the venue is not up to the mark, or has an unsuitable ambience.  The venue you choose must not only have the right size, but it also must have the right setting. By following these tips on how to book a hall for an event, you’ll stand the best chance of making sure that your even goes well without any glitches.

The Venue Must Match the Event

Before deciding on the venue hire Sydney, you must fix on what type of event you are looking to hold. You must also make a note of your number of guest and the total budget of the event. Venue is the crucial factor of any event. If it is too small, it might make the participants uncomfortable, whereas a big hall for less number of participants will feel empty. So, plan accordingly.

Visit the Venue in Person

No matter how good a venue might look good on Instagram, in brochure or on a website, nothing will give you a better idea than a personal visit. This way, you will be able to check the size, layout of the rooms, lighting types, and other decors, above the cleanliness. You can assess if the event venues Sydney will fit your purpose. You can also check if the venue is noisy, cleanliness, accessible, if there’s adequate parking, or availability of public transports for your guests. It is also a good idea to visit the party venues Sydney, without an appointment, this way you will be able to witness how the property is being run, and have an observation of the staff in action under daily conditions.

Check out the Catering options

Arranging refreshments for the guests can turn out to be a daunting task at times. So, check out if the venue hire Sydney, has catering facilities. You can check if it will be able to cater to your requested menu, or if you have to get in your own caterers? If they offer catering services, you will have to analyse the reputation they hold in the area. Ask for references and follow up.

Check out their Amenities

You must check on the list of amenities the venue has to offer and what you will be allowed to do with the venue manager. You can ask them the following questions –

  • If the venue has a kitchen and can it meet your event’s catering requirements
  • Does the venue have enough tables, chairs and linens that you can use for your event?
  • If the venue has a setup and clean-up crew?
  • Are there audio and visual facilities for you to use for your event?

Check the Budget

Budgeting is a tricky part of any event. You will have to consider the following costs while fixing on the budget – Cost of Hiring the venue, any rental of equipment, advertisements, giveaways, catering, access to any extra facilities etc.,

Make sure to ask the right questions to your event venue’s manager before booking, as it will help you get the maximum value and will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises.