Start looking for your wedding photographer early

Wedding photographers often receive requests from brides from 6 to 8 months before the bride’s wedding day. The sooner you start looking, the more chances you have of hiring the best combination for your style and personality. Besides, early booking gives you more flexibility when you can film an engagement session. Late reservations can limit the season to be too hot or too cold.

You have no idea how to start the search? Here are some ideas

Start asking about your circle of friends who have recently married. Referrals are the best way to get real feedback for a particular photographer. If you have already booked a wedding venue, look for photographers who blog about weddings at this venue. Create a working group of 15-20 bookmarks from the sites of your favorite wedding photographers. Keep this group when you add one … leave someone else. Do not exceed 20. As soon as you have a good list, make a group of 5 best from this most abundant group. Contact these five photographers and start organizing your requests.

Ask the photographer about their cameras and equipment

Ask your photographer to describe your approach to backup equipment on your wedding day. Photographers love to talk about their toys, and you will be pleased to learn about their backup plans. They should have at least two entirely professional cameras and several lenses for shooting in low light. Professional cameras are reliable, but, as with any mechanical device, malfunctions are possible. The availability of backup equipment is always available.

Talk to the photographer about backup methods after the wedding

Your wedding photographer in Melbourne must have a backup strategy for your digital images that includes several local and external backups. For example, a photographer may have duplicate hard drives in his studio, as well as a safe with additional reserves.

Why is meeting so important?

An engagement session is essential to create a photographic record of this incredible moment in your life. The time between engagement and wedding is one of the most exciting periods in your life. Also, no one will be closer to you than your photographer on your wedding day. The importance of personal compatibility cannot be overemphasized. Having spent time together as friends and engagement photographers, a breakthrough is made on the wedding day in the direction of the necessary comfort and confidence. Save money by having a friend or family member who is good enough with the camera to film a wedding.


If you attach high importance to your photo on your wedding day, then nothing but a professional is acceptable. A talented friend can take some good shots, but with experience and training to photograph many weddings, you cannot trust them to have consistency and control to capture all day. A professional photographer photographed countless weddings and worked in all possible lighting situations.