By the end of 2020, we will have finished not just a year, but also a decade in which Indian weddings have seen a significant metamorphosis. Millennial couples are arranging weddings that are a unique combination of both traditional and modern concepts, giving the big huge Indian wedding a facelift.

This also opened the way for several fantastic wedding trends, which will only improve in the months ahead. The year 2021 ushers in a slew of new wedding fashions that have completely changed the game. Wedding fashions have clearly developed over the previous 10 years, from eco-friendly weddings to e-invites, statement sangeet performances to flower jewellery.

Green Weddings

In 2021, there will be a significant change in the way weddings are conducted. More and more millennial couples are concerned about the environmental effect of their wedding activities. Plastic decorations are being replaced with flower arrangements, and disposable cutlery is being substituted with reusable, biodegradable dinnerware. Not only that, but new-age couples are making an effort to avoid leaving a waste trail by having a zero-waste wedding.

Weddings on the Beach

Wedding planning at a fantasy place has never been more popular than it has been in the last ten years. Getting married on a beach, in the mountains far away from home, or in old forts is a popular choice, has grown more commonplace than ever before, with visitors paying for both a gift and a flying ticket. Destination weddings, contrary to common assumptions, are not only inexpensive but also serve as a terrific family bonding experience. Destination weddings are a daring option for today’s couples. If trimming your guest list is the only way to go to your dream destination, so be it—smaller nuptials are also a hot wedding trend for 2021. Getting married and not hired a photographer yet? Check out Family Photographer in Michigan.

Affair with a Smaller and More Intimate Family

Families are cutting down their guest lists by inviting just close friends and family as festivities become more personal and private. This will relieve your parents of tension, allowing them to enjoy themselves to the fullest. That is exactly as it should be. The couple and their parents face a lot of strain and exhaustion when planning a mega-wedding, which they don’t get to enjoy while others do.

Wedding video invite/e-invite

Sending out invitations by mail or personally inviting guests by facing lengthy hours in traffic can be time-consuming when you’re busy planning your wedding. Not only does it save money and save the environment, but these invitations can also be issued at any time and from anywhere in the globe with the click of a button from the comfort of your own home. With e-invites and video invitations, you have the option of crafting something that expresses the couple’s personalities. Graphic designers assist couples in customising invitations to meet their specific requirements. This might range from GIFs to your own website with all the details on the activities. Check out Family Photographer in Michigan.